Pi Case 40 Kickstarter Refund

Please choose one of the following options below to apply for the appropriate refund. If multiple options are chosen under the same email or pledge number, our systems may not be able to correctly register your application.

Incomplete Order Refund

Backers who did not finalize their order in BackerKit and/or Kickstarter, and will not be receiving their reward because of this, should apply for a refund in the “Incomplete Order Refund” section. For a refund (not including handling fees), please fill out the appropriate section with your email and Kickstarter pledge number so we can process your refund right away.

Pi Case 40 Refund

If your experience with this project was unsatisfactory, if the product did not meet your expectations, or if you feel aggrieved regarding the shipping and logistics issues, please provide us with your information within the section entitled “Pi Case 40 Refund” to apply. Please note that refunds for grievances are specific to the Pi Case 40 units (case-only) and does not cover additional parts for bundles pledged (the refund will not include the Raspberry Pi boards, power supplies, or peripheral sets).

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your information. We will process refunds as quickly as possible after we collect all of the necessary information for the following two weeks. Once we have all of the essential data, we will close the microsite and concentrate our staff on processing the refunds.

Form - Pi Case 40 & Incomplete orders

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