80 Plus Gold Efficiency
Superior Thermal Performance
50% Fanless Mode
High Efficiency Transformer
Enhanced PCB Connection Conductivity
Machine Soldering
Cooler Master is committed to constantly innovating and improving the products we deliver. Innovation is in the very life blood of the company as evidenced by more than 25 years of delivering revolutionary products and ideas to the PC DIY market. That’s why we opened our own power development lab with the goal of creating a superior PSU. TEP (Thermal Enhanced Platform) is Cooler Master’s first fully in-house designed power supply unit platform and the culmination of many years of hard work applied by several decades of combined engineering experience. Through TEP, a host of new products are on the horizon.
The main focus of TEP's development was improved efficiency. From day one, our engineers tasked themselves with creating a power supply platform that would deliver high efficiency with reduced thermal needs. To accomplish this, a number of innovations had to be implemented. For example, the DC-to-DC circuit layout was completely redesigned and a new internal layout was created for the transformer as well. These sorts of developments often seem small on their own but when coupled together they allow this new platform to perform at an optimum level.
While increased efficiency was the main focus of this new platform, better thermal performance was prioritized as well. Cooler Master's long history of inventing and improving thermal solutions played a key role in what we desired for TEP. The goal was not to create something that would take efficiency to the next level as much as it was to match current high-end efficiency levels while reducing thermal needs. This was an important goal for the platform so we could reduce costs and noise pollution for end users while delivering the same high standard of quality they've already grown accustomed to.
The future of power supply units is fanless operation. Efficiency levels are in the above 90% range with very little left to go in practical terms for most users. But the noise created to achieve that high level of efficiency is the next great hurdle to tackle. With TEP, we wanted to create a PSU that would be as quiet as possible with no loss in performance. Out of the gate, products using this platform will deliver a record breaking 50% fanless mode, setting a new standard for gaming class power supply units. With TEP, the future is now, and it's quiet.
One of the key innovations developed to improve performance in TEP is the connection between the backboard and the main board. Rather than the traditional soldering technique used to connect the two boards, TEP uses manually installed copper screws. These create a more direct connection between the two components and, due to the use of copper, are more conductive than commonly occurring soldering techniques. This is just one of the many innovations used to increase the platform's efficiency performance.
One of the most obvious innovations used in TEP is machine soldering. Traditionally power supply units are soldered by hand. This is for a number of reasons with the most obvious one being tooling costs. Cooler Master has invested in machine soldering in order to deliver a better performing PSU. Machine soldering costs more to develop but it provides less waste soldering, ultimately delivering better efficiency, reduced thermal needs, and a much cleaner looking PCB. While you won't be able to see this without opening up your PSU, you will notice the difference in performance.
TEP's first debut will be through the new XG Gold series. This series features three distinct product lines: XG Gold Essential, XG Gold Advanced, and XG Gold Plus. The Essential line delivers a highly efficient, full modular power supply based on the new TEP platform. It serves as the culmination of a new era of Cooler Master power supply units. The Advanced line delivers the XG platform and a built in LED data display panel. This panel allows users to monitor the fanspeed, load, and temperature of the PSU in real time without using software. Finally, the Plus series offers all the benefits of both the Essential and Advanced series as well as full customization and monitoring compatibility with the new MasterPlus+ software.