COOLER MASTER always strives to deliver the best products possible to end users. But how does one go about proving something is “the best”? What makes one product superior to another? Take power supply units for example. One company says theirs is the best and another company says they have a better one. But how can consumers really trust either of these companies to be telling them the truth? Cooler Master is not in the business of misleading people into buying our products. We want people to buy our components with the knowledge and confidence that they’re purchasing something that works and, more importantly, works well. This is where testing and judgement from neutral third parties comes in.

When it comes to power supply units, 80 PLUS is considered the standard in judgement and comparison for most end users. But really this shouldn’t be the case. The 80 PLUS rating system only measures efficiency and really only measures that at up to four specific load levels (10%, 20%, 50%, and 100%). To give our customers a better picture of our power supply units, Cooler Master will now begin regularly having our units tested and rated by Cybenetics.


Cybenetics is a PC hardware testing and certification company based in Limassol, Cyprus. It was founded with the intention of revolutionizing the way power supply units are tested and compared in order to give end users a clearer picture of the power products they buy for their systems. While 80 PLUS only measures efficiency at up to four load levels, Cybenetics measures both efficiency and noise level in thousands of different load combinations. Objectively speaking, Cybenetics’ testing and ratings give a much fuller accounting of how a particular PSU will actually perform in all/most use scenarios.

Cybenetics has a state of the art PSU testing lab, which is run by Aris Mpitziopoulos. Aris is an electrical engineer with degrees in Computer Science, Telecommunications, and a Ph.D in the field of wireless communications.
He has worked on the development and testing of countless power supply units in both industrial and media related positions. He is also the lead PSU reviewer for both Tom’s Hardware and TechPowerUp.

Cybenetics was started because Aris was unhappy with the current state of PSU testing, certification, and comparison. He believed that people were not being given a clear picture of the units they were being sold nor the value of the certification system that the industry relies/relied upon to legitimize their claims to quality. With the help of outside investment, he was able to use his knowledge and experience to help create a company with the tools, expertise, and vision to test and accurately rate power supply units in a way that is clear, precise, and objective to the public.


There are many factors that should be taken into account when comparing power supply units. Currently typical efficiency and fan bearing are the only two that most companies and people seem to discuss or even know anything about. It’s for this reason that Cybenetics’ PSU rating system focuses on efficiency and noise level. Unlike with most rating/review companies, Cybenetics rates these two things independently for each unit with separate certification systems for both factors.

ETA Means Efficiency

Cybenetics uses the ETA standard to rate PSU efficiency. This system was created by them and named after the Greek letter “H”, which is often used to represent efficiency in certain parts of the world.

The ETA system takes thousands of measurements across the entire wattage load spectrum. Measurements for the 5VSB rail, vampire power, and overall power factor are also taken into account to finally arrive at a unit’s ETA rating. This system currently has five possible ratings: S, A-, A, A+, A++. Due to the thorough nature of Cybenetics’ efficiency testing, ETA ratings are reported in overall efficiency rather than typical efficiency. This means that when you look at an efficiency rating from Cybenetics you know that you’re getting a full picture of what the power supply’s performance will look like. These rating requirements are very strict as well. This is to ensure the most accurate results and that only the best of the best units can get maximum ratings.


Cybenetics uses the Lambda standard to rate PSU noise levels. This system was created by them and named after the Greek letter “Λ”.

The LAMBDA system is tied directly to the ETA measurement process. Each of the thousands of measurements taken to determine overall efficiency are also used as an opportunity to measure a unit’s noise output. These noise level measurements are then averaged together to determine the unit’s LAMDA rating. This system currently has seven possible ratings: S, S+, S++, A-, A, A+, A++. This is because noise level is a lot more noticeable and important to many users, even at minor intervals of difference. Like efficiency with the ETA system, noise level is not rated at minimum or maximum in the LAMBDA system. It’s rated in overall noise output. This means that when you look at a noise level rating from Cybenetics you know that you’re getting a full picture of what the power supply’s sound performance looks like. Currently, Cybenetics offers the only widely recognized PSU noise certification in the world.

Cooler Master believes that Cybenetics gives end users the information they need to make the most informed purchasing decisions currently available when it comes to buying power supply units. That’s why we’ve started working with them and will begin showing their ratings for our power supply units in our product documentation. Currently only a limited number of Cooler Master units have been rated by Cybenetics, but you can find all that documentation on our product pages.

Available Products Rated by Cybenetics

Product Name ETA Rating Lambda Rating  
MWE White 450 - V2 230V ETA-S LAMBDA-S++
MWE White 600 - V2 230V ETA-S LAMBDA-S+
MWE White 650 - V2 230V ETA-A- LAMBDA-A-
MWE White 700 - V2 230V ETA-S LAMBDA-S+
MWE White 750 - V2 230V ETA-A- LAMBDA-S+
MWE Bronze 450 - V2 115V ETA-S LAMBDA-A-
MWE Bronze 500 - V2 115V ETA-A- LAMBDA-S++
MWE Bronze 550 - V2 115V ETA-A- LAMBDA-A-
MWE Bronze 600 - V2 115V ETA-A- LAMBDA-S+
MWE Bronze 650 - V2 115V ETA-A- LAMBDA-S+
MWE Bronze 700 - V2 115V ETA-A- LAMBDA-S+
MWE Bronze 750 - V2 115V ETA-A- LAMBDA-S
V550 Gold 115V ETA-A LAMBDA-A
V650 Gold 115V ETA-A LAMBDA-A-
V750 Gold 115V ETA-A LAMBDA-S++
V850 Gold 115V ETA-A LAMBDA-S++
V550 Gold 230V ETA-A- LAMBDA-A
V750 Gold 230V ETA-A LAMBDA-S++
V850 Gold 230V ETA-A LAMBDA-S++
V850 Platinum 115V ETA-A LAMBDA-A-
V1000 Platinum 115V ETA-A LAMBDA-A-
V1300 Platinum 115V ETA-A LAMBDA-A-
V850 Platinum 230V ETA-A- LAMBDA-A-
V1000 Platinum 230V ETA-S LAMBDA-A-
V1300 Platinum 230V ETA-A- LAMBDA-A-