Why are Heat-Sinks Important for Power Supplies?

Discussions over heat-sinks are usually reserved for coolers, but in actual fact, a good heat-sink also makes the world of a difference for power supplies. This is because it helps your power supply to run at cooler temperatures, meaning less strain on the components, pro-longing the life of your unit. At the same time, the fan within works less, resulting in a quieter unit. Cooler Master’s expertise in coolers has been incorporated into our own power supplies. Here are a few things that we’ve considered to unlocking the mystery of a cooler-quieter power supply.

Surface Area - It's at the surface of the heat sink where the heat transfer takes place, therefore, the larger the surface area, the more capable it is to rid of heat.

Flat Contact - The heat sink has to be flat and in perfect contact with the heat source in order to maximize heat transfer.

Aerodynamics - Heat sinks need to be designed so that hot air can easily and quickly pass through the cooler and reach the cool fins.
Cooler Master has done well to have the most efficient design what takes into account of the placement of the fins and allocation of heat-pipes.

Material - Each material has its own strengths, Cooler Master uses a combination of aluminum and copper to gives us the best combination of * thermal conductivity and * specific heat capacity and cost. The area in contact with the heat source is made of copper, which helps lead the heat away to the outer parts of the heat sink. The aluminum fin then releases the heat into the air.

* Thermal Conductivity indicates the ability to conduct heat (higher is better).
* Heat Capacity measures the heat energy required to increase the temperature to a certain interval (higher is better).

Thermal Conductivity Specific Heat Capacity
Diamond 900 W/mK 519 CJ/kg·K
Gold 318 W/mK 129 CJ/kg·K
Silver 429 W/mK 233 CJ/kg·K
Copper 401 W/mK 326 CJ/kg·K
Aluminum 205 W/mK 897 CJ/kg·K
Lead 35.3 W/mK 127 CJ/kg·K
Alloys Lower than pure material Lower than pure material

Silent Pro M Series is the first of a long line of power supplies from Cooler Master that utilizes this patented heat-sink design.