What makes a good power supply unit?

What makes a good power supply unit?

Let’s use this question as the conclusion of this series of topics. We’ve talked a lot about how to know the exact meaning of various terms that are often shown in power supply reviews and advertisements. But really all we’ve shown is that power supply units are a highly complex product that has no one dominating parameter.

However, there are still some principles a consumer should keep them in mind when deciding which one to purchase:

A. Do your homework before shopping. Choosing a tier one brand is the best way to avoid defective products. If your unit unfortunately went wrong, any reputable company has a working and easy to access RMA system. Cooler Master’s can be found here: https://support.coolermaster.com/.

B. Choose a unit with a neat configuration. If you find the internal layout is messy and full of secondary components and lines, there is a larger chance of unit failure and performance problems due to the presence of additional areas that can fail.

C. Choose a power supply unit with a high reported operating temperature.

D. Choose a power supply unit that has all the necessary safety certifications 

including: TUV, CE, BSMI, FCC, KC, CCC, EAC and RCM to name some.

E. Avoid units that promise high-end performance specs at an unrealistically low cost.