What Cooler Master CPU coolers are recommended with Intel Skylake CPUs?

Cooler Master, a leading PC Components and accessories, has confirmed support for the
new Intel Skylake Series CPU with Socket LGA 1151 with our award-winning air and liquid cooling products.

All current and future CPU coolers by Cooler Master that support socket 115x series will continue
to work for socket 1151 and the CPUs released based on design platform.

This means everything from the Hyper series, including the industry-leading Hyper 212 EVO,
the the award-winning Nepton liquid cooling system will be compatible for the new series of CPUs.


The following Cooler Master CPU coolers are recommended with the Intel Skylake CPUs:

Cooler TypeProduct NameCooler TypeProduct Name
Liquid CoolingMasterLiquid Maker 92Air CoolingMasterAir Maker 8
 MasterLiquid Pro 120 Blizzard T2
 MasterLiquid Pro 240 Blizzard T2 Mini
 Nepton 120 XL GeminII S524
 Nepton 140XL GeminII M4
 Nepton 240M Hyper 103
 Nepton 280L Hyper 212 EVO
 Seidon 120M Hyper 212 Plus
 Seidon 120V Hyper 212 Turbo
 Seidon 120V Plus Hyper 212X
 Seidon 120V Ver.2 Hyper 212X Turbo
 Seidon 120XL Hyper 412S
 Seidon 240M Hyper 412S Slim
   Hyper 612 Ver.2
   Hyper D92
   Hyper T2
   Hyper TX3
   Hyper TX3 EVO
   Vortex 211P
   Vortex 211 Q
   Vortex Plus
   X Dream P115