The Wireless Firmware update process has been stuck on reading the CK721 Current Firmware version for a while, what should I do?

Firmware Update

If you start the CK721 wireless update process and the shows “Getting the current firmware version of dongle and keyboard, it will take a while” for more than 1 minute, please try following steps to resolve it.



Make sure the CK721 is connected successfully in 2.4 GHz Mode

Please make sure the switch on the side of the CK721 had been toggled to 2.4 GHz mode and the CK721 is connected to dongle successfully.

Step 1-1 Step 1-2 Step 1-3 Step 1-4

Note: Please make sure CK721 is connected in 2.4 GHz mode, without a USB cable connected to the PC.



Unplug and re-plug the dongle to the USB port

Step 2

This step may resolve the issue. If it doesn’t, please contact [email protected] for more help.