How to obtain a product replacement RMA (USA and EU)

1) Login or create a CM Fanzone account by visiting

Fanzone login

An account can be created by clicking the "Join for free" link on the site or by using a Facebook or Google Plus account

2) Once logged into the CM Fanzone, click on the case logo on the left hand side of page and select
My Product"

registration link

3) Click the large Purple plus sign(+)at the top of the page  to register a new product

User-added image

4) Fill in the Serial Number of the Product, Upload a copy of your receipt for the product if available, and select the date of purchase of the product.Product Registration page

Note that the warranty period will be determined by the manufacturing date if no receipt is uploaded.

A copy of the receipt can also be uploaded at a later time if needed but supplying the receipt immediately will increase the Warranty Replacement Service

5) Click "Submit" to register your product.

6) Locate the product for which you require replacement and click the "RMA Request" button for the product.

registration link

7)  Verify your shipping information and click Submit

RMA Request Form

Note: This shipping information is from the information provided in your user profile.

To learn how to edit your User Profile, please read the article for Profile Setup.

If the user profile information was left blank, you will need to enter this information every time a request is submitted.

8) Fill in the requested information.


Contact Information

Note: If you did not upload receipt at time of registration, a receipt can be uploaded at this time.

9) Once the request is submitted, a pop will appear to notify you that the RMA request was completed.

10) Click on the Support Link on the left hand side of page

support link

11) Click on the product you requested for RMA in the list

User-added image

12) This page will show you your RMA status

User-added image

13) Once the RMA is approved it will be in the "RETURN PRODUCT" phase

User-added image

14) Print out the RMA Request Form by clicking the purple Print icon on the right side of the page

User-added image

or by clicking the printer icon on the "My Product section

User-added image

15) Place the top half of the printed form in the box with the returning product.

User-added image

16) The bottom half of the form can be used or placed on the package or kept for your personnel records.

User-added image