How to install an ATX standard Power Supply

1) Locate the Power Supply location for your chassis(case)
open PSU slot
You may notice the location will have multiple screw locations. Depending on how the Power supply and case are manufactured, the orientation of the power supply may differ.
2) When the PSU is inserted into the location, The holes will line up as shown below; Secure PSU with provided screws.
PSU installed with no screws PSU installed with screws
3) 20+4/24 pin connector
Then connect the 20+4 pin connector to the motherboards 20 or 24 pin connector
20+4 pin connector20+4 pin adapter 24 pin motherboard connection
24 pin motherboard connection
20+4 pin connected to 24 pin on motherboard
24 pin connected to board
4) 4,4+4, 8 pin CPU Power Cable
Connect the 4 or 8 pin CPU power cable to the motherboard.
4+4 pin connector
4+4 pin CPU Power Cable
4 pin connection on motherboard
4 pin CPU Power on motherbaord
4 pin connected to motherboard
4 pin CPU Cable connected to Motherboard
Depending on the motherboard, you may need the 8 pin power connector.
5) powersupply Connector
Connect the 4 pin powersupplys to the power supply.
4 pin molex connector
4 pin powersupply Connector
4 pin female connection on device
4 pin powersupply Connector on Device
4 pin molex connected to device
4 pin powersupply Connected
4 pin powersupplys can include CD/DVD ROMs, Hard drives, card readers, fan controllers or case fans.
6) SATA Connector
Connect the SATA connectors to the devices that require them. This typically includes HDDs and CD/DVD ROMs.
SATA Connector
SATA connector
SATA connection on Device
SATA Connection on device

7) PCIe Connector
Connect the PCIe video card to the power supply if needed.
These can be either 8 pin or more commonly 6 pin connectors.

6 pin PCIe connector
6 pin PCIe Connector
6+2 pin
6+2 pin PCIe Connector
8 pin PCIe
8 pin PCIe Connector
2 6 pin connection on video card
2 x 6 pin PCIe Connections on Video Card
User-added image
2 x 8 pin and 8 pin with 6 pin connections on Video Card
6 pin PCIe connector connected to video card6 pin PCIe connected