Gemini S and Gemini S524 AMD Installation

Contents of Installation Kit

AMD Bracket for Gemini S524 AMD Installation Universal mounting plate
AMD Bracket Back Plate
Rubber Absorption pad to fit on AMD Bracket Nut Driver used to tighten nuts during installation Nuts to secure bracket to board. Screws used to secure AMD mounting bracket to CPU Cooler
Rubber Grommets x 4 Nut Setter x 1 Nuts x 4 Screws x 4


1)Remove the protective layer of plastic on the bottom of cooler.
Peeling plastic cover off bottom of the CPU Cooler
2) Attach the AMD Bracket to the base of cooler with the 4 screws.
AMD Bracket attached to the bottom of the Cooler
3) Place one rubber grommet on each of the 4 posts on the AMD bracket
Rubber Absorption pad on the AMD Bracket
4) Apply a small bead of Thermal Paste to one edge of the CPU.
thermal paste applied in row on CPU
5) Hold a flat-edge at a 45 degree angle to the chip and slowly drag a even layer of paste across the top of the CPU.
Start spreading the thermal paste at 45 degree angle to board even layer of thermal paste spread
6) Place the back bracket on bottom side of the motherboard as shown below.
Back plate attached to bottom of AMD motherboard
7) Secure the cooler with the 4 nuts, using the nut setter to firmly secure the cooler to the board.
Secure nuts using the provided nut driver