Cooler Master Case Selection Guide

Hello, if you are building a PC, and you have already selected a CPU, Motherboard, a Video card, and most likely a CPU cooler.
Now, you have also decide upon a case that you want to house your new system, and the only question that remains is " Is this case big enough to fit all my stuff in?".

Here is a small guide to help you decide if this case is right for your system. For example, we have selected
CPU: the new Intel Skylake
Motherboard:ASUS Sabertooth-Z97
Video Card:GeForce GTX 980 TI
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Air Cooler V8 GTS

And the case that we are thinking about is the beautifully designed Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5.

1. Determine Motherboard Form Factor
Step one: Find out Motherboard Form Factor.
Go to the official website of the motherboard, and go to the Spec tab, go down to the section that says Form Factor, and write down the form factor of your MOBO. For ex: ATX.

User-added image
User-added image
Step two: Go to Case specification page and determine if the case support the MOBO.

User-added image
In our example, ATX is supported by MaterCase Pro 5.

Please Note: Some rare high-end MOBO will have HORIZONTAL USB 3.0 port, which when installing on Mid range Compact case will not have enough space to connect the USB 3.0 cable. So please confirm USB 3.0 port location first.

MOBO with Horizontal USB 3.0 port
User-added image

MOBO With Vertical USB 3.0 port
User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image

2. Video Card.
Step One: go to the official specification page of the Video Card to find out how long is the video card.

User-added image
In our example, it is 10.5 inches in length.
Step two: refer to the Video Card support section of the case spec page.

User-added image
MasterCase 5 series is designed with the new free form concept, the HDD cage can be removed, and in our example, even with the HDD cage installed, we still have enough space (11.7 inches) for the Video Card.

3. CPU Cooler.
Step One: Go to the Spec page of the cooler, and determine the Dimensions of the Cooler, pay attention to the height, which is 166.5 mm for our Cooler Master V8 GTS air cooler.

User-added image
Step Two: Refer to the Cooler support section of the Case spec page to determine the maximum air cooler height supported.

User-added image
The dimension given in the Cooler Master cooler supported page for our cases already take the installed mobo height into consideration. So again for our example, 190mm >166.5mm, so Cooler Master V8 GTS will fit in MasterCase Pro 5 with no problem.