Connectivity Troubleshooting in 2.4 GHz Mode

If you’re having connecting issues listed as below, here are some troubleshooting suggestions:

Connection Drops MM311 Under Low Battery Level
MM311 is Laggy MM311 Subjects to RF Interference from other sources, such as other wireless devices, mobile phones, and so on.
Delay when using the MM311 MM311 with old Firmware Version.
MM311 cannot be connected at all Potential hardware issue
(Mouse, Battery, or Dongle)


Further Troubleshooting Mouse Connection

  • Change to a new AA Alkaline battery
  • Update to the latest firmware version via MasterPlus+ software. For detailed instruction, please found here.
  • Make sure to move the dongle closer to the MM311.
  • Keep other wireless devices away from the MM311 or dongle to avoid RF interference.
  • Relocate the dongle from the back of the PC to a front port for better connection.
  • Repair the MM311 by the steps found here.

For more help, please contact [email protected] for more help.