Battery - Charge MM712 Battery and Check MM712 Battery Status


Please charge your mouse for at least 2 hours before using for the first time to ensure optimal battery usage.

MM712 Logo Battery


The MM712 will begin charging when it is plugged into a PC, laptop, or power source. The LOGO light will be slowly flashing green when charging and change to a static green when battery level is full.

NOTE: Battery life may vary depending on user and operating conditions.


Check MM712 battery status: The LED light on MM712 LOGO indicates battery status.

LOGO LED Color Indications
General MM712 Lighting Effect From 100% to 15
Rapidly Flashing RED light 3 times every 20 seconds From 15% to 5%
Will Automatically Turn Off Below 5%
Green Breathing Effect Charging


NOTE: Install Cooler Master MaserPlus+ software to customize Low Power Mode percentage.