Battery – Charge CK721 Battery and Check CK721 Battery Status


Please charge your CK721 for at least 2 hours before using for the first time to ensure optimal battery usage.



The CK721 will begin charging when it is plugged into a PC, laptop, or power source.

Charge CK721 Battery

The LED indicator light will be RED and the CK721 will light up with RED BREATHING five times when charging. When the battery level is full, the indicator light will change to GREEN for 3 seconds and the CK721 will light up with GREEN BREATHING five times.

NOTE: Battery life may vary depending on user and operating conditions.



Indication What does it mean?
General CK721 Lighting Effect From 100% to 15%
Rapidly flash RED light 3 times every 20 seconds From 15% to 5%
Turned Off Below 5%
Indicator: RED / CK721: RED BREATHING x 5 While Charging


NOTE: Install Cooler Master MasterPlus+ Software to customize Low Power Mode percentage.