Here at Cooler Master, three decades of innovation has seen us rise as a global competitor for computer components. But, after 30 years of mastering our craft, we’ve realised there’s much more to this industry than just PC hardware. This revelation has moulded us into the lifestyle tech brand we are today, and now we’re not just a thermal pioneer, we’re something much bigger than that. Now, we strive to make everyday technologies enjoyable by perfecting both work and play experiences.

When it comes to DIY PC building, no two builds are the same. The same goes for our employees; We build our PCs to fit our own taste, whilst respecting and embracing each other’s uniqueness. This also applies to the workplace.

Our company mantra is split into 3 core missions:
Embrace Inclusivity
Empower Diversity
Embolden Individuality

We’re not here to take ourselves too seriously, but we are committed to breaking boundaries and challenging the status quo. We create cool products for awesome people, and our focus is to create a space for individuals who dare to stand out and embrace their identity, both in the workplace and the Cooler Master community. We want to give our employees the very best environment to flourish and be who they truly want to be.

Our products represent so many different personalities because PC enthusiasts don’t fit into just one mould. From the meme lords and techies to the hardcore gamers and hardware junkies, together, we are Wired Different.


At Cooler Master we don't just accept being Wired Different, we celebrate it. We encourage everyone to embrace their individuality and to be vocal about their passions. With this being said, equal opportunity is extremely important to us, as we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment for all. This means no employee or prospective applicant will be treated differently on the grounds of their sex, gender identity, age, race, nationality or ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, or religion.

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