The Ultimate SFF Solution

When space-efficiency solution is the primary focus of a SFF setup, think of Cooler Master. Combine our industry-leading 80 PLUS Gold certified SFF PSU, that comes in wattages up to 850W, with the best-in-class MasterBox NR200 and NR200P into your next setup.

The MasterBox NR200 series is the perfect ITX case for your rig. Allowing up to a powerful triple slot GPU, 155mm CPU tower cooler, 280mm radiator setups with support up to 7 fans, and a plethora of unique features that makes this chassis the top contender in SFF builds.

MasterBox NR200P

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Small Form Factor

The perfect case when size and efficiency are important buying factors.

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Cooling Potential

Supporting up to 7 fans in total and allows up to a 155mm CPU tower cooler

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Supporting AIO Water Cooling up to 280mm

Keeping even the hottest CPUs cool with water cooling solution.

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Style with Vertical GPU

Mounting a graphics card vertically keeps your system running as cool as it looks.

MasterBox NR200P

V SFX Gold

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Make It Mini

The V SFX Gold delivers the high quality performance in a mini-ITX compatible form factor

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Full-Modular Cabling

Modular cables reduce clutter, increase airflow, and improve thermal performance.

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SFX-To-ATX Bracket

The included bracket allows users to install this unit securely in traditional ATX cases

V SFX Gold

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